Does Deer Park Water have fluoride?

Deer Park Water is a brand coming from the Nestle company somewhere in the mid-Atlantic region of the US. The company has been in business for about 147 years continuously now, but does deer park water have fluoride?

The best part about Deer Park Water is that they make sure to mention everything about their company’s products in detail for their customers to trust them even more. Even minute details such as their water ingredients or the fluoride levels in the water. To get to know them the all-time big question of whether deer park water has fluoride or not make sure to read this article carefully.

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Does Deer Park Water have fluoride?

Like mentioned earlier this company Deer Park Water makes their water quality reports easily and also really widely available for anyone and everyone to check and compare. 

deer park water

Deer Park Water company produces bottled waters that are of good quality. You can trust this blindly since they have their water quality reports posted on the internet today. Just like Aquafina, Deer Park also lives up to its name of fluoride-free water.

Their water has normally 0.0ppm to 0.16ppm of fluoride amounts. Deer Park Water has distilled and sparkling water too that contains “ND” amounts of fluoride in them. “ND” stands for “non-detectable”. 

The true meaning of what ND actually stands for is that it is less than 0.10 ppm of fluoride amounts.

Deer Park Water is spring water again. And they sell spring water, distilled water and also sparkling water. The distilled water and also sparkling water sold by Deer Park Water has detected no fluoride at all in it. 

But when it comes to spring water from Deer Park Water it has some amounts of fluoride in it. To be precise, it has 0.16ppm of fluoride in it which does not make the water completely free of fluoride.

Is Deer Park Water good for you?

Deer Park Water makes sure they filter their spring water. They filter the spring water naturally while it is being drained through any rocks or probably even soil. 

But their process of filtration does not end just there yet. They have a 10 stage process of filtration for their water. Filtering is probably just one of the processes they use to be firm on selling good quality spring water. 

Should you buy Deer Park Water?

Should you buy Deer Park Water?

According to the water quality reports and also the information the company puts up about their water investing in Deer park water bottles is sensible.

Deer Park Water takes serving good quality water to their customers very seriously and that is why they ensure the safety of their water with not just one, or two stages but three stages of safety measures. 

  1. Glacial filtration – Fine sand and also gravel aquifers are some of the most unique ways Deer Park Water uses as their purification methods.
  2. Investment in their sources – They make sure to take care of their water sources as well as the land near them. This is done by scientifically testing their lands and monitoring them. 
  3. Multiple-barrier approach to society – Deer park water company makes sure they meet the standards set by the FDA and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. They have technicians that test the product first when it is drawn at the source, then, when it appears at the plant, and last but not least when it is being bottled up. 


Deer Park Water is absolutely safe for you to use as a source to quench your thirst anytime. The company certainly believes in showing their pride since they very carefully and minutely pay attention to every detail making the water safe and healthy for your consumption. With the 10 steps and also the 3 stages to confirming the good quality of water Deer Park Water is actually the perfect water for you.

Jhon Lawrence