Does SmartWater have fluoride?

Smartwater definitely comes under one of the fanciest and also one of the oldest brands out there in the market. The company has had an amazing reputation since the very beginning. Smartwater was founded in 1996 first and then was advanced to the needs of every person in the United States but was it enough to answer the question: does SmartWater have fluoride?

Smartwater as a company has been running their business well making sure all the possible details about the water they have introduced to the people of the United States are out there. They make sure to keep the information in the open for their customers to be aware of and also increase their sales in particular. Also, taking into account all the possible health effects and disadvantages of fluoride it is best to get into details about this topic really quickly.


Is there fluoride in Smartwater?

Based on the information given out by the company itself the answer to this question is a big fat NO. Smartwater company says they have 0.0ppm of fluoride amounts in their water which is exactly how the water you or anyone else around you consumes has to ideally be. They have mentioned 0.0ppm on the label of their bottled water.

This would definitely include the name of Smartwater company in the lists of bottled waters that are absolutely fluoride-free making it one of the topmost choices among the citizens of the US. Apart from SmartWater, many other companies that we tested like Deer Park, Aquafina, and Ice Mountain have zero traces of fluoride.

smartwater fluoride

But, to be really honest 0.0ppm can be very deceiving since it can mean anything between 0.1, 0.2, or even 0.4 in that case. And these small numbers can actually make a huge difference.

When it comes to Smartwater you are lucky and will also be glad to know that Smartwater has kept up with their word and also information of not having any small or large amounts of fluoride floating around in their water. This allows the company to fulfill your individual needs.

How is Smartwater made?

The method used by this company called Smartwater is actually said to be inspired by nature. To be specific, it means the company is inspired by the process that our nature uses to make clouds. The process is known to be vapor distillation.

It imitates the clouds that are widely known to create the purest form of water which eventually leads to vapor-distilled water. Are you confused? Let’s get into telling you what vapor distillation actually is.

What is vapor distillation?

So what basically happens in the process of vapor distillation is that water gets evaporated and then turns into vapor. Now the vapor performs a big role in this process since it leaves behind all the tiny to gigantic impurities. This same vapor is then condensed back to completely pure water. And last but not the least, this vapor distilled water has some amounts of electrolytes added to the water.

Now you might be wondering what electrolytes are added to the water? Electrolytes like calcium, potassium, and even magnesium are mixed into the water which gives it a distinctive pure and absolutely crisp taste.

Does SmartWater have fluoride
Vapor Distillation Process

In short, what the process actually does is that it imitates the hydrologic cycle and creates water that is as good and pure as the first drop of rain.

What does Smartwater have in it?

As you have observed earlier, Smartwater has the addition of some specific amounts of electrolytes in their water which adds a texture to the water they sell. So, there are electrolytes that the water contains, and then there is the purely balanced pH.

  1. ELECTROLYTES:  The company believes in not just making their water hydrate but also eventually taste good. And to fulfil that purpose they add a certain amount of electrolytes to their water to give a whole new texture to the water by making it crisp. The names of electrolytes they add to enhance their water quality are calcium, magnesium, and potassium.
  2. PURELY BALANCED pH: The water for SmartWater is sourced from many different parts of the United States and hence the water is treated well by treating it under the process of vapor distillation first then water purification, and last but not least the addition of electrolytes to strengthen the quality. pH levels in the water can actually greatly affect the taste of water and that is why the company monitors the pH levels very well serving a well-balanced product at the end.

Is Smartwater good for you?

After having noticed the way the company treats their water after receiving it from the particular sources, SmartWater is definitely the SMART choice for you to make while choosing which bottled water to put your trust in. It is absolutely safe and healthy too being fluoride-free and also giving you specific electrolytes like magnesium, calcium, and also potassium enhancing your water.

Does SmartWater have fluoride Conclusion

The Smartwater company can absolutely be trusted with the water they serve since it is cleared from all the possible contaminants with a method that even nature believes in. It ranks as one of the best quality bottled water and also fluoride-free water in comparison to other water bottled companies out there in the market. 

Jhon Lawrence