Does Aquafina Water have Fluoride?

The concern behind Aquafina having fluoride or not is because of two main reasons. One, Aquafina does not mention the level of fluoride on their bottle packaging, and two the drastic health effects of fluoride which you are very well aware of. Hence, does Aquafina water have fluoride is a question to be taken into consideration right away.

The company called Coca-Cola owns Aquafina as well as Dasani water and Smartwater. You must have definitely heard of this company, since it is famous for its work. But not everything the company shows is the truth. You’ll know whether Aquafina has fluoride in it or not further. 


Does Aquafina water have fluoride? 


Now if you go through the details of the Aquafina water on their website you’ll come across a section where they mention their water to be having “ND” (not defined)  levels of fluoride in it. Making it completely consumption worthy. 

This generally means that there is less than 0.1ppm of fluoride in the water. This particular amount of 0.1ppm of fluidos tends to be really low making the Aquafina bottled water absolutely fluoride-free and safe for consumption. 

There is quite some other fluoride-free bottled water sold by other companies making the fluoride levels in their waters 0.0ppm.

Aquafina to be very honest is tap water that is treated by the method of reverse osmosis which is known to be one of the most effective ways to get rid of fluoride anyhow from your water.

As stated by Aquafina itself on their website there is no trace of any levels of fluoride in the water they sell. In fact, fluoride levels in the Aquafina water were found to be 0.0ppm just the way the company itself had stated on their specific website. 

Like mentioned earlier, Aquafina water actually taps water. If you sit to notice the label printed on the water bottle you will see one corner of the bottle that has “Purified by reverse osmosis” written on it.

What they are actually saying in a much more polite manner is that they serve tap water that is filtered by the method of reverse osmosis making it consumption worthy. 

Is Aquafina water good for you? 

is aquafina good for you?

If you sit to think about this question keeping in mind all the possible details you know about Aquafina water company then yes Aquafina water is good for you. 

As you have come across earlier even though Aquafina bottled waters are actually tap water in the first step which is then converted to pure, safe and healthy water for your consumption by using the method of reverse osmosis it is definitely safe for you. 

Everyone wants to consume water that is free of chemicals, dust particles, any type of other water borne contaminants but most importantly fluoride. Aquafina does literally all of that. 

Hence, yes Aquafina water is good for you. 

Should you buy Aquafina water?

To be honest, Aquafina water being tap water is totally something you don’t have to be worried about before purchasing Aquafina bottled water. Since, reverse osmosis is quite great, it does make changes in the water you want to consume making it safe. 

As mentioned in does reverse osmosis remove fluoride you can use a water filter that works on the method of reverse osmosis and purifying your water from fluoride by changing the fluoride levels of your home water from 0.6ppm to 0.0ppm.

Coming to the actual issue here. The main problem is the price. Normally you will have to spend just 2 cents per gallon for other reverse osmosis waters, but the prices Aquafina water is way higher. 

At the start it may not seem much but when you sit to think about long term usage the calculations reach upto $100’s to $1,000’s of dollars. You could do so much more in that amount, like maybe have a small trip to somewhere. 

What bottled water does not have Fluoride? 

Crystal geyser, Arto LifeWtr, Eska, Evian, Frasassi, Great value, and a lot more other bottled water companies do not serve you water with any amounts of fluoride levels in it. 


To conclude this article, hoping you have your answer to whether Aquafina has fluoride or not in the water it sells. Aquafina clearly has stuck to their words of having detected “ND” levels of fluoride in the water making the water they sell free of fluoride and all the other contaminants you would want to say a bye to. 

Jhon Lawrence