Does Crystal Geyser Water Have Fluoride?

Taking the adverse health effects of fluoride into consideration the truth about each and everything you tend to include in your diet should be double-checked of whether it contains any levels of fluoride or not. For this, Fluoride detox will guide you through the necessary steps. So, it makes absolute sense to want to know the answer to does Crystal Geyser water have fluoride

If you’re using any other brand of water, we have explained the fluoride levels of many bottled-water brands including Poland Spring, Dasani, Fiji, and many more. Check it out to make sure you’re using the right brands for your health.

The company was formed in 1977 in Calistoga and since then the company is known for its excellent performance in the market. They have been serving safe and healthy water to the citizens of the United States since the very beginning. They began to work with just one mission in mind and that is to produce the best natural sparkling water in the entire world.


Does Crystal Geyser water have fluoride in it?

Does Crystal Geyser water have fluoride in it?

Crystal Geyser company completely believes in giving their customers the best water produced from natural resources by not adding any artificial elements or even minerals to the water. To be really honest, Crystal geyser waters do have slight amounts of fluoride that naturally occur in water ranging from 0.0 to 0.7ppm. But now the main part is that the amount of fluoride solely depends on where the water is sourced.

Crystal Geyser company has 7 sources of water in total. Now based on where your water is sourced you will know the fluoride levels in your water. Here is a list of the seven sources of water for the Crystal Geyser company and also the fluoride levels in it.

                          SOURCE                      FLUORIDE LEVELS
Salem, South Carolina 0.26 ppm
Olancha, California 0.57-0.78pmm
Norman, Arkansas 0.11ppm
Weed, California 0.14-0.31ppm
Moultonborough, New Hampshire 0.14ppm
Benton, Tennessee 0.051ppm
Johnstown, New York 0.062ppm

This table will exactly make you aware of the fluoride levels in your water purchased from the company of Crystal Geyser based on its source.

Where is Crystal Geyser water from?

The Olancha Peak which is as good as a part of the Sierra Mountains is home to Crystal Geyser’s absolute first natural spring water source. This particular source is strictly protected by its nearness to the Golden Trout Wilderness Area and also the amazing Inyo National Forest proving them right when they said they serve 100% natural spring water.

Like you have witnessed earlier, the water being served to you from the company of Crystal Geyser is always sourced directly from the earth bringing its seven other natural sourced water plants into the picture.

They are as follows: Olancha ( California), Weed ( California), Johnstown (New York), Moultonborough ( New Hampshire), Benton (Tennessee), Norman (Arkansas), and also Salem (South Carolina).

And this is the reason why you can taste the difference between Crystal Geyser water and other bottled waters. Since other bottled waters can easily sell purified tap water to you Crystal Geyser serves you the best natural, pure, and fresh spring water right at your doorstep.

How is Crystal Geyser made?

How is Crystal Geyser made?

The various products that Crystal Geyser company manufactures are purified by the methods of ozonation and also absolute micron filtration. Let’s get into deeper details of how these two particular methods actually enhance your water.


This process is actually the disinfection process to be precise. It removes the trace amounts of any types of contaminants whether it is any sort of dissolved metals such as iron, manganese and also copper. What happens in this process is that these contaminants like metals are oxidized to their most maximum oxidation state. These materials then get precipitated and leave the water eventually with filtration.

Absolute micron filtration

This method is put to work just to take out all the possible microbiological elements in the water. It is capable of eliminating 100 percent by the weight of particles that are solid that is almost greater than the stated micron size.

Is Crystal Geyser water good for you?

Is crystal water good for you?

The water coming from Crystal Geyser is all produced and cleared in the Calistoga facility of theirs. This includes the quality of both sparkling spring water and also sparkling mineral water ensured by them. The mineral water as well as spring water coming from them is sourced from the earth directly that is from the underground protected water sources. 

Crystal Geyser does not add any amounts of artificial elements in their water, they make sure to keep their water naturally fresh and pure and give you safe naturally occurring rich minerals.

The company uses the two methods of ozonation as well as absolute micron filtration which helps them in enhancing their water for better service. Both the methods are quite effective and they bring about a good change in the water.

So yes, Crystal Geyser water is good for you.


Crystal Geyser water is safe to consume. It is 100% natural spring water that provides you with highly rich minerals from the earth’s surface. And, it also eliminates the necessary contaminants that could damage your good health like any kinds of dissolved metals or even any organic compounds in that case.

Jhon Lawrence