Does Great Value Water Have Fluoride?

Walmart’s bottled water, which is the great value water, has been surprisingly far more in demand than expected. No doubt, you are already aware of the dangerous health effects fluoride can have on any well to do human body and that’s where this excellent question can be taken into consideration: does great value water have fluoride?

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This brand was founded in 1993. Great value also happens to be doing really well from the very beginning in the market as the country’s largest food brand and spans more than 100 categories. Now, the thing about fluoride is that it may have been known for pushing away cavities but what people do not seem to understand is that this helps only when the fluoride amounts you consume are really less. In cases of large amounts of fluoride intake, no one has seemed happy. Anyway, the reason why you are here is to know the truth about Great Value Water, continue to read further to know so.


Does Great Value Water Have Fluoride In It?

Great Value Water is known to be really refreshing and has also had many good reviews about it from its particular customers.

Now while talking about the main point of this article that is whether great value consists of fluoride or not let’s start with the details and statistics given to all by Great Value itself.

According to the information given by Great Value itself they consider their water to be having “ND” amounts of fluoride in it. ND stands for “non-detectable” which means that Great Value has obviously tested their water and found zero levels of fluoride in their water. This actually makes Walmart’s Great Value brand a little better than Costco’s Kirkland brand.

Does Great Value Water Have Fluoride In It

So based on the information being provided by the Great Value brand itself, it is safe to assume that the water coming from Great Value is safe to consume since it has 0.0ppm of fluoride in it. Having large amounts of fluoride would clearly make the water unsafe to consume. The good thing for the Great Value brand is that it manages to rank as one of the brands that consist of really low amounts of fluoride in them.

The only truth or a better word to use here is secret that you may not be aware of is that the water served to everyone from Great Value is tap water in a more real sense. 

To tell you about this more in detail you should probably take a look at the label of the water bottle when you do that you will notice that the label says their water is “distilled”, “purified”, or even “treated water” now this is just a very nice way of telling you that they do not serve natural spring water to you but instead they use tap water.

One of the best ways known to actually treat such tap water is through the method of reverse osmosis since it is very effective. When it comes to Great Value the label has it printed that “purified by reverse osmosis”. And there is absolutely no doubt why they chose the method of reverse osmosis to purify their water, it works effectively.

The method of reverse osmosis uses a partially permeable membrane to eliminate ions, unwanted molecules, and larger pollutants from drinking water.

Reverse osmosis undoubtedly works well when it comes to treating tap water. You will know the entire process and what it removes from the water in this article does reverse osmosis remove fluoride?

Is Great Value Water good?

The water coming from this brand called Great Value can actually be considered to be good and safe to drink since the brand ensures that all the types of water they sell, for instance, distilled water, spring water, and even drinking water meets the water quality standards of Walmart. 

Is Great Value Water good?

These quality tests are regularly made and even designed to not only keep their customers safe and sound but also balance between Great Value and all state and federal regulations governing bottled water health and safety.

There are mainly two reasons to why Great Value water is actually good and safe for your consumption: one is because the method of reverse osmosis is used to deal with the contaminated water and two is because of the regular tests being held to consider their water quality good.

The standards apparently set for Great Value water successfully exceeds the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards for purified drinking water that are produced in and out as well of California.


Walmart is very well-known itself and the products sold by it are even more known only because of its commitment towards providing its customers with quality products at reasonable prices. Great Value is a brand from Walmart and is also considered to be a very good product that is safe and healthy for consumption. In the end, you get to know the truth about great value water whether it has fluoride or not which eventually fulfills the purpose of this article with the answer as a big fat NO.

Jhon Lawrence