Does Ice Mountain Water have fluoride?

Ice Mountain water is water coming from the midwest. Ice Mountain sells all types of water including distilled water, Ice Mountain spring water, Ice Mountain sparkling water, Ice Mountain drinking water, Ice Mountain drinking water with fluoride, Ice Mountain sparkling spring water but the real deal is to know, does Ice Mountain Water have fluoride

Each and every individual wants to consume pure and healthy water and companies like Ice Mountain water has been known for its good water quality for a very long time now. Further in this article, you will know if you have to say bye to Ice Mountain water or not. We also reviewed some of the best water companies like Poland Spring, Dasani, and Fiji for fluoride levels. You can see the results yourself and decide accordingly if you’re consuming any of them.


Does Ice Mountain have fluoride? 

The best part about Ice Mountain water is that just like bottled waters like Ozarka and Zephyrhills even Ice Mountain makes sure they mention the specific information about all the possible types of water they sell. 

This completely includes complete information about sparkling water, spring water and even distilled water that is sold from Ice Mountain itself. 

Coming to the main point, when it comes to mentioning the fluoride amounts of it all it is clearly mentioned as “ND” which means “non-detectable”.

The only bottled water that contains some levels of fluoride in it is the “drinking water with fluoride” that has 0.74 ppm of fluoride in it. 

Is Ice Mountain water good for you? 

is ice mountain water good for you?

Ice Mountain water is actually really good water for you since it does not contain any amounts of the toxic chemical called fluoride in it. Without any hesitation, you can easily trust the water coming from Ice Mountain since it has “ND” (i.e. non-detectable) levels of fluoride in it. 

Keeping in mind the drastic effects that fluoride has on human health it is best to stay miles away from any sources of fluoride be it avoiding bottled waters too. The Fluoride detox article will help you stay away from any possible source of fluoride in your life. 

Ice Mountain believes that they are completely full of transparency. They go through a step by step process to ensure they serve the best quality of water to their customers by having a 10 step process. 

Also to conclude the point that Ice Mountain is actually really good for you the main point is that since it is natural spring water it has a lot of its own benefits. Once you taste the water from Ice Mountain you will know how fresh and pure it is. 

The freshness and pureness of the water come from the earth since it is naturally occurring spring water which consists of all minerals that are unique making it healthy for your consumption. 

Where does Ice Mountain water come from? 

Ice Mountain water is natural spring water that comes from very carefully chosen certain spring sources from different states. They source their water from three different springs in the Muskegon River, which is about 20 miles away from Flint. 

Most importantly, they regulate their bottled waters quite often. Good quality, better standards, and even the safety of people are why Ice Mountain takes their job even more seriously. 

Ice Mountain regulates their bottled water almost 250 times a year. If you think all this is false, you can have a better glance at this topic on their website where they have mentioned their quality report. 


Ice Mountain does not have any levels of fluoride in it making it one of the best fluoride-free options for you to consume. Being natural spring water is full of advantages that will only benefit you in many ways by helping you stay healthy. 

Jhon Lawrence