PACT POW Declares Efforts a Success despite Regions deftness

First off, PACT POW (Pickering Ajax Citizens Together – Protecting Our Water) WANTS TO SEND OUT A BIG THANK YOU to all the people who came out on Wednesday October 30th to the Public Information Forum (PIF) for the last public event regarding the Environmental Assessment (EA) for the Duffins Creek Water Pollution Control Plant or Sewage Plant as we all call it. OVER 200 came out and WE APPRECIATE THAT SUPPORT. Without that kind of support, there is no point to our work. Read more

Speak up Loud and Clear

Paul Kuebler –

The TRCA has been visiting our Waterfront, and it is interesting that they are asking for pictures IF WE have seen any algae? Read more

All Ajax Property Owners are suffering Financial Damage, likely by Canada’s second largest sewage plant!

Mark Matsumoto –

Having excellent public facilities increases home prices.

Ajax’s large and enjoyable waterfront is being ruined because it stinks! House prices are relative, so if the price in the next neighbourhood drops, it affects yours as well. I no longer want to live in South Ajax because it stinks. There is a drop in demand for housing in South Ajax. This will cause financial damage to every property owner in Ajax. Read more

Why are Durham Residents paying $1,000 more than York Residents?

Paul Kuebler –

In 2010, THE STAR newspaper published what each municipality was paying in property taxes each year. Average tax bill in Durham was $1,000 more than the average tax bill in York. Read more

MAYDAY Rally galvanizes support for cleaner Lake Ontario shorelines

Meirav Even-Har, Sierra Club Ontario –

In over a decade of work with businesses and grassroots environmental organizations like Sierra Club Ontario, I cannot recall such an obvious and non- contentious call to action as the one put forth by organizers of the MAYDAY Rally. Read more

York Regions unequal sewage treatment, comparing Lake Simcoe and Lake Ontario

Dave Strain –

The immediate issue comes down to the apparent lack of environmental respect that York Region and Durham Region are demonstrating, regarding Lake Ontario; as well as the families of Pickering and Ajax. Read more

Taxpayers paying twice!!

Paul Kuebler –

While touring the Upper York Sewage Solutions demonstration plant in January this year, we were told that the future plant would remove Phosphorus to 0.015mg/L. That is 97% lower than what comes out the Duffin’s Creek plant. Read more

Ontario Ministry of the Environment won’t do their job!

Mark Matsumoto –

Lake Ontario, your kids and grandchildren needs your help.  They need to get the Minster of Environment, Jim Bradley to do his job. Please use all of your own political influence in Ontario to achieve actions. Read more

Why the Regions will not wait for REAL DATA on Phosphorus Source?

Paul Kuebler –

Regions of York and Durham need to delay the Environmental Assessment, until the major source of phosphorus (feeding algae on the waterfront) has been identified. There is lots of time, because the Regions own data shows the upgrade alternative is not NEEDED it till 2025 and beyond!
Read more

Are we getting richer with more pollution?

By Nancy Goucher, Water Campaign Manager, Environmental Defence

The eastern part of the Greater Toronto Area is growing like gangbusters. Growth is generally a good thing – the new houses and jobs fit with the province’s plan for this region. But this growth needs to come with careful planning and strategic investments, otherwise it may come back to bite us in the pocketbook later on. Read more