10 Best Water Filters That Remove Fluoride



Looking for the best water filters that remove fluoride? Here is a detailed guide that will help you with the same.

Constant fluoride exposure could definitely scar a person in many ways. For instance, fluoride can easily cause skeletal and dental fluorosis, laid back brain development, etc. Water filters being affordable as well as effective items will unquestionably help you say a NO to fluoride.

Clearly, no person who is aware of the healthiness of one’s food intake and lifestyle would want to have a face-off with fluoride. Your family members, your pets, your friends may tend to have water under your roof that consists of this toxic substance called fluoride on a daily basis and you wouldn’t want to see either of them having a tough time dealing with their health.

The number of choices for water filters around you may overwhelm you at times and that is why here’s an article for you to help you decide which water filter is the best for you.


Does water filters remove fluoride?

Water filters for sure can remove contaminants from your water, be it some dissolved metals or basic contaminants like dust particles. But, when it comes to the removal of impurities from water by water filters one major factor plays an important role and that is which type of filter you’re using. 

There are two ways that almost every water filter uses to give you the purest form of water and they are – chemical filtration and physical filtration. Mostly, these methods individually do not take out all the possible impurities and hence many filters use a combination of these two methods. 

Fluoride is a chemical that can be really stubborn which makes it challenging to remove from your water. The most famous and effective way to remove fluoride and other contaminants from your water is using a bone char filter or a reverse osmosis filter. Usually, a combination of these two works the best all the time.

Various water filters come with different ways to get rid of fluoride and other toxic substances out of the water, for instance, some filters have 2 or 3 stages of filtration while others may have 7 or 8 stages of filtration. It all depends on various filters.

So, yes, water filters can be considered as one of the best options out there for you to choose from for you to provide your near and dear ones with the best quality drinking water.

What You Should Know Before Buying A Filter

The first thought that must have immediately come to your mind after knowing thoroughly about the capabilities of fluoride must have been how to get rid of it. And obviously, you searched and searched and finally concluded to a point that water filters remove impurities best from your water and that is exactly what brings you here. But don’t worry by the end of this article you will make up your mind and decide which water filter you want to purchase.

To know which water filter will work best for you, you just have to ask yourself three really simple questions that go like : 

  1. Do I want to save a lot later and pay more now?
  2. How many people will be making use of the filter?
  3. Do I want installation or no installation at all?

After you have your answer to these three questions is when you can proceed to look for a filter based on your specific answers.

Top 10 Best Water Filters That Remove Fluoride

1. Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher

15 Stages Shower Water Filter | Best Water Filters That Remove Fluoride

Due to its small pore size, it can remove all the possible contaminants without leaving anything behind and it has a two-stage filtration process for better and safer water.

  • Good construction
  • Break-free pitcher
  • Good design
  • Does not occult a lot of space
  • Good value for money
  • The speed at which the process of water filtration happens is slower than other brands

Your main concern right now is definitely kicking out fluoride from your water and eventually your system, and that’s why you should definitely check this filter out. It will help you have the purest form of water to consume at home. Purchasing a water filter that meets your needs of wanting safe water makes sense all the time when you think about it. However, no doubt, there are times when all we care about is the water we consume into our precious bodies and not the water we use to keep our homes clean or even our fabrics clean. In such scenarios, it is best to use a pitcher that has an integrated filter in it. Aquagear water filter pitcher is one of the best choices you can make keeping these situations in mind.

Aquagear water filter pitcher manages to destroy all the contaminants in your water including toxic chemicals like fluoride. It has a small pore size that makes sure to stop the tiniest of tiniest particles from being filtered into your water by any chance through the filter membrane. This filter will deliver not only safe water to your doorstep but also water that tastes refreshing and is free of any sort of bad odor.

The filter has a sleek design. It has a very pretty as well as comfortable handle to hold and also a lid that makes sure there is no wastage of even a single drop of water being done by any leakages or spills from the lid itself. The method of filtration is qualified by certain reputated organizations. It has a life longer than what other water filters or pitchers can assure you of.

2. Epic Pure Water Filter Pitcher

15 Stages Shower Water Filter

The plus point of this water pitcher is that the purification membrane situated in the system of this filter itself has a life span longer than most of the other water filters out there.


  • Removes fluoride and other impurities
  • Safe filter build-up
  • Easily replaceable
  • Has been qualified
  • Purification membrane has a long life
  • Extremely good quality
  • The speed at which the process takes places slows down after a certain time

The epic pure water filter pitcher is an extremely good choice for those people who want to rely on a water filter that removes fluoride and all the other impurities effortlessly from their water. It is also the best choice for those who want to ensure the best health practices for their family members on a daily basis.

The process of filtration in this pitcher reduces more impurities in your water when compared to any other filter out there. It has a 200-nanometer wide pore that stops any sort of impurity to enter the water you want to consume. There is a collection room situated at the top of the filter system that gives you safe and clean water.

Epic pure water filter pitcher has a very elegant design that won’t let you feel embarrassed in front of 10 or 100 other people at your home during a party at your house. It is made to look as polished and as new as a set of a glittering diamond necklace.

The other advantage is that it has a fully replaceable system which can be done with great ease.

3. HOMY Faucet Mount Water Filter

15 Stages Shower Water Filter

The filtration of this water filter is one of the best in the market along with the stainless steel build making this the ideal choice for a water filter. 


  • Has a five-stage water filter system
  • Safe and good quality
  • Elegant design
  • Gives you odor-free water
  • Removes all the possible contaminants you don’t want
  • Short filter lifespan

The HOMY faucet mount water filter manages to remove all types of contaminants like fluoride, chloramine, and other toxic impurities. It gives you fresh and safe water straight from your tap with an absolutely stunning design. The best feature that makes this filter stand out from other water filters is its stainless steel water purifier housing.

Many filters are sold with BPA-free plastic construction which somehow are considered as really safe options. But they somehow do not manage to give you the polished new look that stainless steel can give you.

When it comes to filtering out all the unnecessary and way too toxic impurities the HOMY faucet mount water filter does this job the best. It has a carbon filter that is very effective. This product uses advanced carbon filtration technology which makes sure to fulfill your desires of drinking refreshing, pure, and odorless water. 

The installation process is really easy and more comfortable. 


4. Frizzlife Under Sink Water Filter System SP99

15 Stages Shower Water Filter

The best plus point of this filter is that it has a really good flow rate compared to the other water filters sold in the market. You don’t have to wait for long periods to consume good, freshwater.


  • Easy replacement
  • Amazing customer service/support
  • Excellent water flow rate
  • Good quality
  • Simple and decent design
  • Some may find the system installation challenging

Those of you who are looking for an under sink water filter can always look up to Frizzlife. This is one of those brands that not only assures its customers of good quality and good performance by its products but also offers its customers the best kind of support in every way possible.

The Frizzlife SP99 water filter system makes sure to give you water that is consumption worthy without any levels of fluoride or any amounts of impurities in your water. This water filter system gives you water that is odorless and tastes pure. It manages to keep back the minerals that are said to benefit our health in some way or the other.

You may come across some water filter systems that offer you half-gallon of water per minute. On the other hand, Frizzlife can give you up to 2 gallons of water at the same time.

Replacing its filters is never going to be a problem for you in the present or in the future because it is super duper simple and it is also made easy in such a way that you will be able to connect it to any standard water pipe sizes in the United States. Its customer service is really great and convincing too.

5. Aquasana OptimH2O Filter System

15 Stages Shower Water Filter

This filter also has really tiny pores that do not allow any minute impurities or microorganisms, in short, to get into the water and ruin your health in the tiniest form.


  • Easy installation
  • Easy replacement of new filters
  • Can filter the tiniest amount of filter
  • Good quality
  • Certified to be of good quality
  • Not very efficient

This system uses the reverse osmosis method to filter water and bring out the purest form of it to serve you. Reverse osmosis filters are definitely one of the best ways to get rid of fluoride and other contaminants and therefore, these systems are trending the most today in the market.

It can benefit you in many ways especially by alkalizing your water. Again this filter comes with a really easy installation process compared to the other RO filters out there because most of them have super complicated processes. Sometimes you need an expert’s supervision while replacing or even installing the filter when it comes to other filters. Now that is the good thing about OptimH20 because you don’t need an expert to do these bits for you. You can easily do the installing and replacing process on your own.

There are two technologies in the OptimH20 water filter that enhance its quality and performance and they are: One is the claryum technology that does not allow any minute particles to pass through the filter membrane at any cost and the other technology is the one that makes sure to keep the necessary minerals in the water which benefit your health which increases the water’s pH.

Parasites, fungi, etc can never pass through these pores of any size which just continues to make the water safe for you.

6. APEC Ultra Safe Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System

15 Stages Shower Water Filter

This is one of the most premium filters in the market offering you some of the best filtration techniques and having a premium design. 


  • Destroys all levels of fluoride
  • Removes other basic contaminants
  • Good quality
  • Comes with good components
  • Huge system capacity
  • The process of installation can be complicated for some people

The APEC reverse osmosis system is probably one of the best fluoride removing systems out there in the market because its top tier is definitely something a modern family can rely on and it also gives you the best water experience. It has an incredible capacity of performing well by giving you fluoride-free water worth your consumption.

The top tier of this water filter plays a major role in giving you the best quality water safe for you to drink by paying more attention to the movement of water molecules in the water which keeps many of the unnecessary impurities at the back. The overall look of the water filter is really good.

The company does not just throw certain numbers ahead of you and say it will last for this particular span of time. They have specified everywhere that the lifespan of the water filter is going to depend upon the pressure of the water flowing through the entire water system.

7. Santevia Gravity Water System

15 Stages Shower Water Filter

The company makes use of natural stones and the product itself is made up of premium quality glass along with a ceramic pre-filter membrane. 


  • Can remove all contaminants
  • Can remove fluoride
  • Good quality
  • Good performance
  • Good design
  • Can increase pH levels in your water
  • Expensive than other same type systems

When it comes to countertop water filter systems, a lot of the crowd trusts Santevia. One of the best products coming from the company is the countertop gravity water system. It is a countertop water system that not only filters out fluoride and other contaminants but also makes sure to alkalize your drinking water.

This water filter has a very easy as well as different kind of water filtering system. It has a pretty decent and direct design. There is a filtering mechanism built inside the filter which is in the complete center of the transparent and large water container which helps in adding the extra and necessary minerals in the water that are bound to benefit your health all the time. It also enhances the pH level of the water.

The Santevia filter also does have really small pores which do not let any tiny toxic substances get into your water by any chance. It shows good performance especially when it comes to removing fluoride amounts from the water because the company has come out with its own new version of a fluoride filter which is very effective and this gives you one more reason to buy this Santevia gravity water system.

Since this filter solves the main big problem you are searching for, that is, the removal of any tiny to large amounts of fluoride in your water as well as other toxic impurities at the same time should definitely go for this filter.

8. Berkey BK4X2 Countertop Water Filter System

15 Stages Shower Water Filter

The main plus point of this product is that it is made from stainless steel which is amazing because the quality and overall look that a stainless steel product gives you are exceptional. 


  • Stainless steel product
  • Reduces amounts of fluoride
  • Destroys all the other contaminants
  • Good quality
  • Large capacity to store filtered water
  • Durable
  • At times, it can clog very easily

A lot of people today do not like any sort of inconvenience caused while connecting a water filtration system to their present water line. Such types of people definitely need countertop water filter systems. Without needing any type of water connection and also removing all levels of fluoride from your water making it fluoride-free water the Berkey BK4X2 countertop water filter system is a water filter you must definitely purchase.

This filter comes with two independent mechanisms. One of them makes sure that it reduces the unnecessary number of toxic substances in the water that can affect the odor, taste, and look of the water. While. On the other hand, the other one pays attention to the removal of fluoride from your water, making your water completely fluoride-free.

Up to 95% of fluoride can be reduced by the Berkey water filter.

Anything you put into these vessels made out of stainless steel will turn out to last long and also will be safe for your consumption assuring its good quality.

9. APEC 7 Stage Reverse Osmosis Filter. 

15 Stages Shower Water Filter

The APEC 7 stage reverse osmosis water filter works just fine to fulfill all your possible demands making it a good choice of filter for you.


  • Good quality
  • Uses the effective method of reverse osmosis
  • Seven stages
  • Eliminates all the possible amounts of fluoride
  • Removes various toxic particles
  • Great performance
  • The process of installation can be tough 

It is a 2.88 ounces filter with the pattern of PH+UV. This filter does not require any batteries. This filter has seven particular stages to filterize the water. 

The first stage includes extending the life of the membrane system by protecting it from dust and rust. 

The second and third stages are all about the carbon block getting rid of odors, unpleasant chlorine, cloudiness, etc. 

The fourth stage includes the high TFC reverse osmosis membrane that removes TDS and contaminants like fluoride, lead, arsenic, and much more. 

Since reverse osmosis filters are pretty well known for giving out the best results possible they are more in demand now. Reverse osmosis filters work by pushing out water through a specific membrane there to take out all the possible impurities and toxic elements present in the water. These particular impurities are removed from the water-based on their size and specific shapes. 

10. Home Master TMJRF2 Jr F2

15 Stages Shower Water Filter

The best feature of this product is that the installation system is really easy and quick. You just need a few couples of minutes to install this water filter to your current faucet.


  • Removes all the possible contaminants
  • Good quality
  • Simple installation process
  • Has 3-stage filtration
  • Safe water
  • May have leakage problems

There are some people in the crowd out there that prefer the entire house to have a fluoride filter that guarantees safer and healthier water to you regardless of what you are going to be using it. But, the drawback of these systems is that they turn out to be really expensive which then lessens the chances of some people considering to buy them. Hence, many houses choose the Home Master TMJRF2 Jr F2 water filter to eliminate all amounts of fluoride from their water.

As you start the tap, the water flows into a hose and also the filtering mechanism of the Jr F2. There are absolutely no complications in the installation process of this water filter. 

This water filter has a really good feature that allows you to connect to any faucet and not just a specific type of faucet. Tomorrow if you have to go to a hotel room or anywhere else in that case and you think your water is not safe to consume you can easily carry this water filter anywhere you go and fix it to any faucet to get safe water. It is an easy way to carry fresh and safe water everywhere with you.


Hoping these top ten water filters help you out with one single choice you want to make and satisfies your needs for a good water filter. Whatever you decide to purchase you should make sure it gives you an answer to those 3 questions mentioned earlier. Let’s remind you about them again. The three questions go like this: Do you want to spend more now and save a lot later? How many people are going to use this water filter? Do you want installation or no installation at all?

These three questions will let you make the right choice at the end of the day. No doubt, water filters are the best choice you can make to get rid of fluoride completely. For more, you should refer to fluoride detox and eliminate all the possible sources of fluoride from your life. Try promoting these thoughts in the minds of people around you too helping them live a healthy life too.


Jhon Lawrence