How To Remove Fluoride From Water Cheaply?

If you have chosen to live a healthy life over a life full of adverse health issues it should not be very burdensome for you to make a quick decision of saying goodbye to fluoride forever. Now if you want to make certain of avoiding fluoride wholly as well as save your pockets from being empty, you will want to know how to remove fluoride from water cheaply

No doubt, this toxic chemical is found abundantly in nature, but when it comes to its factors there are much more cons than its pros. Hence, eliminating fluoride not just from your surroundings but also from your body system is the best decision to make considering your good health. To help you stay successful in this act, the article of fluoride detox will do the needful. Coming to the removal of fluoride from water cheaply, are you stressed about your daily and nightly glass of water being more than just a glass of transparent and tasteless water? Do continue to read further.


How To Remove Fluoride From Water Cheaply?

Nowadays, it is quite common to find fluoride in your toothpaste or even your water sources. Lately, a lot more attention has been given to the compound’s deadly health effects. The harsh truth about fluoride is that it turns out to be difficult to be removed from the water easily. 

You’ll know further which methods work and which do not. This is done to let the blindfold off your eyes and hence you also save your time, money, and energy.

Now, the fluoride levels in your tap water are most approximately somewhere between 0.6 to 0.10ppm. Fortunately, some of these ways of dealing with fluoride work making the water fluoride-free to 0.0 ppm.

1. Boiling water

When it comes to boiling water a lot of people are made to believe just the goods about it. For your best reference and information refer to one whole article dedicated to does boiling water removes fluoride? Unfortunately, while you were expecting the method of boiling water to get rid of any amounts of fluoride the answer to that specific question is a NO.

boiling water

It is time you know the absolute truth about the process of boiling and how it does NOT remove fluoride from your water. This method might probably boil away the basic contaminants but it cannot do the same for bigger threats like organic compounds or dissolved metals. Boiling water undoubtedly kills microorganisms like bacteria, pathogenic compounds, or even water-borne contaminants but it just does not manage to kill toxic chemicals like fluoride.

The main reason why boiling water cannot do the needful is that it does not evaporate as easily as chlorine. To bring the process of boiling into the picture as the water boils the concentration of fluoride in the water increases as the volume of water decreases.

2. Holy Basil

Holy Basil

Just how falsely everyone is made to believe that boiling water removes fluoride from the water the very same way it is being told to most of the crowd that holy basil leaves eliminate the levels of fluoride in your water. It may be said to be one of the best natural ways to have removed fluoride replacing other costly ways but you know that ain’t the truth. 

But there is a good part to this holy basil section and that is that you can use holy basil leaves as a part of consuming fluoride-free tea. And fluoride in tea is very well-known to catch up six times more than fluoride in water.

3. Activated Charcoal

Activated Charcoal

Sometimes, activated charcoal can remove the impurities from your water and the other 50% of the time it may not happen to remove any contaminants from the water. It is nearly impossible to trust this method to eliminate fluoride from the water if in the first place it cannot remove basic impurities itself.

It’s simple, if it was this easy to filter out fluoride from the water with the use of activated charcoal then most of the people suffering from dental fluorosis and even skeletal fluorosis would be able to eliminate the chemical from their diet.

As you know, fluoride is a very stubborn compound to be filtered out. It needs advanced technology to get it out of the water.

You will love what’s coming to you further in this article. It is the way you can successfully and wholly eliminate fluoride from the water you want to consume and include in your diet. Now keeping the fact that you are looking for some of the cheapest ways in mind for these few methods you will have put in some money at first.

Once you come across the cost per gallon, you will know how cheap these methods can turn out to be and how they save you an amount of $1000’s.

4. Water Filter Pitchers

Water Filter Pitchers

For a very long time now, water filter pitchers were completely failing at filtering out fluoride from water. They were able to eliminate basic contaminants and only chlorine as a toxic chemical from the water but not fluoride.

There are quite some brands that can be separated into two sections that are the brands that can filter fluoride and the other section includes the ones that can filter out fluoride. Some brands like Brita still are unable to take out fluoride from their water.

While on the other side, that is the good side we have brands like Zerowater and PUR to filter out fluoride from the water. These are some of the brands that have changed and advanced their ways to purify their water completely.

For instance, in does zero water remove fluoride and does PUR remove fluoride you will see how both of the brands have managed to reduce the fluoride levels in the water from 0.6 to 0.0ppm.

5. Distillers

Distillation as well as the next method you will be reading ahead in this article that is reverse osmosis are two of the most top recommended and effective methods to filter out fluoride completely.

Distillation effectively produces fluoride-free water just as you would like. You can read more about this method in the other article on does distilling water removes fluoride.

It destroys any slight or heavy amount of fluoride from the water making it fluoride-free for your consumption sake. Distillation depends on the process of evaporation to purify water. However, distillers can be the least favorite type of method to some since it has more cons than its pros. You will see it here, does distilling water remove fluoride.

6. Reverse Osmosis filters

Reverse Osmosis filters

Reverse Osmosis filters also known as RO filters are the best investment you can ever make. They work effectively filtering out fluoride and also other impurities from the water making it pure and fresh to consume for you.

These filters are usually installed below the kitchen sink which then purifies not only your cooking water but also of course your drinking water too. More information about this method is it does reverse osmosis removes fluoride.

Coming to the cost price of RO filters, its average cost per gallon is $0.02. Just two cents, yes, you have read that right. You aren’t dreaming. This makes reverse osmosis filtration systems by far the cheapest filters of all time.

7. Gravity-Fed filters

gravity fed filters

Wouldn’t you be really happy to know that you get your water purified in a less amount of money? It would be a total win for you. Gravity-Fed filters do just that. They serve you the best quality water at the least amount of cost price you can ever think of.

To start, Berkey is known to be one of the best brands out there for Gravity-Fed filters since they use better material than others and also produce the cheapest filtered water out there. The average cost per gallon here would be $0.12.

Which Method Should You Choose?

No doubt, you are amazed by the way to reverse osmosis systems, as well as Gravity-Fed filters, work. And you should be, especially, when you are looking for a two in one filter that is of good quality as well as available at a very cheap rate. You definitely must have lost all your stress there. Reverse osmosis filters and gravity-fed filters are the best two options to choose from for you right now.

Obviously, it is going to be a hard decision to make. But to help you make a quick decision like in less than 10 minutes here is a guide for you to make a better decision.

Why should you choose reverse osmosis filters?

  • It has excellent water quality and can eliminate up to 99 percent of the germs and impurities from your water making it consumption worthy.
  • Overall, it improves the taste of the water, its appearance as well as its odor.
  • It has a very easy maintenance tactic of unscrewing the old filters and screwing the new ones.
    It has an automatic installation.
  • Reverse osmosis filters encourage more and more people to drink water more often since everybody craves fresh and pure water to consume all the time.
  • Once the filter has been set up you cannot easily move it around.
  • To receive all the possible advantages of this filter you will have to attach this filter to your home’s cold-water source.

Why should you choose Gravity-Fed filters?

  • This filter again has the ability to filter out all types of impurities whether it is chemicals, dissolved metals, or anything else too.
  • It is made of stainless steel.
  • It has a long life of filtering at least 1000’s gallons before needing to be changed.
  • It can filter any type of water, be it tap water or well water.
  • It is easy to move around.
  • Has cleanable filters.
  • Does not remove the healthy minerals that human bodies need.
  • The manual filling needs to be done.
  • These filters take up the countertop space.
  • The water can be slow.
  • High-up front cost.

So these are the comparisons done between reverse osmosis filters as well as gravity-fed filters. Now you can maybe make the right decision between the two quickly and easily.


There are ways like the method of distilling water, using reverse osmosis filters, or even using gravity-fed filters. It is all up to you to make the decision and invest money in one of the most effective and cheapest processes. Once you make a choice, you should make sure to promote these thoughts among the people around you and help them live a happy and healthy life too.

Jhon Lawrence