Fluoride Allergy – Symptoms and Cure

Allergies are something really common among billions of people. You can be allergic to almost anything. Allergy is a hypersensitivity reaction where you get a release of histamine cells only because they cross-linked with antigens in your bloodstream. If anyone you know or even if it’s you yourself that happens to get allergic to fluoride you should know that it can make you really sick. Although fluoride allergies are really rare and not found to be very common for people who do have it, it will need to be treated immediately since it can be anything between a mild to severe reaction.

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It is very unpredictable. Keeping in mind all the possible adverse effects fluoride as a chemical has on human health, it is best to practice living a fluoride-free life. It is really necessary to be aware of the harmful effects or allergies that fluoride can be having on you. To be specific on your skin, hormones and also brain development. This article’s purpose is to let you know about the possible allergies of fluoride, how to get rid of them and a lot more.


Can you be allergic to fluoride?

can you be allergic to fluoride

There are a lot of people who have quite a lot of hypersensitive reactions to many things around them. Some can be aware about them from the start and some may not know much about the allergies their bodies react to. Similarly, when it comes to fluoride allergies in people that are hypersensitive to fluoride, fluoride has a lot of effects on human health.

It can be really dangerous to consume high amounts of fluoride keeping in mind all the adverse effects it has on the teeth, bones, etc. Fluoride allergies have effects on the skin and that is in the form of skin eruptions like eczema, atopic dermatitis. Fluoride is a well-known intoxicant that can actually create a lot of problems inside the body of any individual who happens to consume it in heavy amounts.

Topical fluoride can cause acne really quickly but drinking fluoride or having it in the diet that is systemic fluoride can also cause acne. Fluoride is a trigger to so many people who face these fluoride allergies on a daily basis. According to a lot of people, there is a big difference in their skin when they happen to stop consuming fluoride in the form of water or even food for that matter. 

There have been some well-conducted studies by the US Government about the neurotoxicity of fluoride mostly about exposure during pregnancy that is exposure for the fetus for the neurocognitive development of children and that’s where they found a correlation between fluoride exposure and lowered IQ.

You may think of it as a very weird allergy at the start. Most of it accumulates in the teeth and your bones but in many cases, fluoride was found throughout the body. The lens of the eye, in the regions of the heart, in the pineal gland, and the brain. The brain is where the highest amounts of fluoride have been detected before. Now since all bodies are different people react to fluoride effects or allergies in different ways it does not necessarily have to be the same everywhere.

At the end, fluoride allergy is an actual thing. Even though it may be rare but it is not non-existent which everyone wishes it was. 

Fluoride Allergy Symptoms

When you ingest fluoride in your body and you happen to have a fluoride allergy, your body understands this as something your immune system has to deal with. Your immune system now knows that this chemical is a harmful bacterium that needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. For this reason your immune system manages to create some antibodies to fight off fluoride amounts present in your body which is how you get the possible reaction from the fluoride allergy.

Fluoride allergies were first discovered in the 1950s. This particular discovery of fluoride allergies was made by the famous allergist George Wadbott. He was the first to know about the experiences of some specific individuals he came across back then who had allergic reactions to certain amounts of fluoride intake in their bodies.

Here are a list of symptoms that people experience from fluoride allergies :

  • Emesis
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting 
  • Physical and mental weakness
  • Eczema
  • Blurred vision
  • Any type of swelling in the mouth, or on the face
  • Cuts inside the mouth
  • Muscle or joints weakness
  • Hives
  • Pain in joints or muscles 

These are some of the well-known symptoms caused by fluoride allergies. In some cases, fluoride allergy can give you one of the worst experiences like an anaphylactic shock which can occur within minutes or even seconds of an exposure of something you’re allergic to. It eventually leads to a condition where your body tends to shut down.

Sources of Fluoride Allergies

Topical fluorides as well as systemic fluorides have the ability to show forms of allergic reactions. The type of fluoride actually does not really have a say in the matter of fluoride allergies. 

This is only because of how fluoride is an active participant in these toxic reactions.

Allergic reaction to Fluoride Toothpaste

Fluoride Toothpaste

Most often, a lot of people get to know about their fluoride allergies through the excessive use of toothpaste that contains heavy amounts of fluoride. It has an adverse effect on the teeth. 

Adverse skin reactions are one of the main allergy symptoms of fluoride allergies. Skin eruptions like hives or urticaria, stomatitis, perioral dermatitis are usually caused by the massive use of toothpaste that contains good amounts of fluoride in them. 

Inflammation is one of the major effects of fluoride on the brain, just like that topical fluorides are extremely capable of provoking such inflammations in the skin.

Allergic reaction to drinking Fluoride

Fluoride  Allergy From Drinking

Since the amounts of fluoride are mostly high in tap water or even some of the bottled waters you tend to purchase for your own convenience a lot of fluoride gets into your bodies due to this action you take. 

The truth actually is once you happen to be allergic to fluoride you will not bother to look at anything else even if it is something that tells you about where the fluoride came from into your system. The water you take to consume from your tap or any of the bottled waters may look crystal clear to you but you have no idea how many chemicals, pollutants, and intoxicants are lurking around in that glass or bottle of water. We already reviewed some of the top bottled water companies like Poland Spring, Fiji, Dasani, etc, and found some shocking results. Make sure to check them out.

Once you not just decide but also end up eliminating fluoride from your life forever you will begin to see the various signs of fluoride allergies or bad health effects disappearing from your way.  For people who begin to feel like they might or have fluoride allergies the first step to getting rid of it should be getting rid of every source that allows fluoride exposure into your life. You begin to do that either by using water filters that remove fluoride from water or by using bottled water that does not contain fluoride in them.

Allergic reaction to Tea

fluoride allergy from tea

After tap water or bottled water tea is supposed to be the heavy source of fluoride exposure. While tea is known as one of the healthiest beverages one can ever consume, who would manage to think it could be so dangerous to health? The amounts of fluoride in tea makes it dangerous for consumption by human beings. 

There are quite some varieties of tea but mostly all of them have certain amounts of fluoride in them, sadly. Let’s throw a sad fact at you now. The soil and water that the tea plants are cultivated are immensely polluted and destroyed with bad amounts of fluoride in them.

In fact, now the amount of fluoride added in tap water and bottled water is comparatively way too less than earlier when compared to the amounts of fluoride added in tea now. Not only tea, but even coffee does also contain certain levels of fluoride it making it dangerous for consumption on a daily basis.

It is really important for each and everyone to be aware of the amounts of fluoride their tea and coffee contain. Actually not only making sure of the levels of fluoride in your tea and coffee is necessary but also making sure of fluoride in everything you consume is a smart decision.

Do I have a fluoride allergy?

To get to know if you have fluoride allergy or are anywhere close to it you have two ways to get through this. You either go consult a doctor or try wholly eliminating sources of fluoride exposure. 

Now when it comes to consulting a doctor you will have to visit an allergist since doing just the allergy tests won’t help, they can be wrong at times too. 

The best way to deal with this is by destroying the sources of fluoride exposure. That’s how you will know whether you are allergic to fluoride or are anywhere close to fluoride by any chance. 

How to Treat Fluoride Allergy?

fluoride allergy treatment

When it comes to allergies mostly antihistamines are prescribed and they take like 10-15 minutes to have an effect on the body. Only using antihistamines to put away fluoride allergies is the wrong thing to do because just that is not enough.

The best way and the only way to get rid of fluoride and also fluoride allergies wholly is by consuming the prescription of antihistamines and also eliminating fluoride from your body completely. You can easily do that by following a fluoride detox guide. Your fluoride detox routine should include two main steps that are cutting down all fluoride exposure and also getting rid of the amounts of fluoride accumulated in your body as soon as possible.

This way you will be able to call your fluoride allergies just something from your past having nothing to do with you anymore from now on. It is necessary to look after the levels of fluoride intake.

You can come across high amounts of fluoride in anything available around you whether it is bottled water or any form of food like processed food or canned food. Tap water is something one must avoid on a daily basis since it contains the most amounts of fluoride. 

There have been so many talks on whether fluoride is good or bad for human consumption but most of the studies have shown that fluoride has a lot of bad effects on health to be more specific it has fluoride-based allergies too. 


Fluoride Allergies are a common thing. Anyone can be allergic to anything around them without even being aware of it at times. So, from this article like you have witnessed already it is really important to keep a track of the amounts of fluoride you intake and also the sources of fluoride around you. Once you get a hold of both these things you will live a fluoride-free life. 

Jhon Lawrence