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Fluoride Detox – 5 Proven Methods of Purifying Your Body

A fluoride detox is one of the things you should add to your health check-up lists. It is one of the best actions you can take to make sure you stay in good physical condition. Even though fluoride is considered as a poison that affects the nervous system in a terrible way and also affects the brain development of children, makes your bones fragile, and also is harmful to your teeth it is still added to toothpaste, bottled water, mouthwashes, various processed foods exposing fluoride easily to human beings. It is also present in the air we breathe in, all credits go to the industrial factories out there. This makes all the possible health enthusiasts take the right precautions to defend themselves from the adverse effects of fluoride.

Out of all the depressing information about the adverse effects of fluoride on human health, there is one good news and that is you’re at the right place to look after this issue. In this article, you’ll be getting to know all science-based information on fluoride detox and most importantly how to get rid of it.


Why you should do a Fluoride Detoxification of your body?

importance of fluoride detox

No doubt that good health is man’s greatest asset. Every part of one’s life revolves around good health. If not for good health, one cannot get to higher stages in life if they do not have enough physical energy to devote to certain activities.

For instance, who would want to miss an important occasion of their dear ones only because they weren’t in the best state to present themselves, due to bad health issues? Or, who would want to miss an important job interview due to their inability to do so because of their bad health? All of this just screams how important health is to each individual.

The reason behind mentioning this is because each and everyone wants to stay healthy for a long period of time-based on a solid foundation.

However, by consuming high levels of fluoride on a daily basis you will definitely not stay healthy. It will do the exact opposite of keeping you healthy.

Only 50% of the fluoride intake by your body is removed from your kidneys; the rest of it manages to accumulate in your body making it a gigantic problem for your health. Hence, it is really important to eliminate fluoride from your body once and for all to keep you safe and sound.

How to do Fluoride Detoxification of your body?

The full elimination of fluoride from your body is a must. A complete Fluoride detox includes two particular steps to be followed. 

  1. Say no to fluoride consumption 
  2. Followed by the removal of fluoride present in your body at the moment.

For you to understand everything quickly and in detail, here’s an explanation of how to remove fluoride from your body based on the two points up there.

Section 1: Say no to fluoride consumption

Who wouldn’t want to stay healthy keeping away all the possible damages that might ruin one’s health? It makes a lot of sense to get rid of the one substance that can damage your health to the core. The best part about eliminating fluoride exposure completely is that soon after that your body begins to let go of all the accumulated fluoride present in it.

You have to just manage to make the right choice whether it comes to choosing the right drinking water source or the right toothpaste and so on…

Consume Fluoride-Free Water

fluoride free water

This is the most significant and also the most crucial step out of the entire fluoride detox procedure to be followed. Since our lives depend on water and you also cook with it every day, for instance, we use water to make tea or coffee we need to make sure that the water you consume is fluoride-free for the best health conditions. We also reviewed some of the water companies like Poland Spring, Fiji for fluoride and only a few of them were able to provide the results we were looking for.

The main reason why fluoridated water must be avoided is that it is the largest source of fluoride in the human body making it extremely unhealthy for consumption by human beings. Now, keeping in mind the various disastrous health effects of fluoride on the human body it is best to get rid of it from your water by using a water filter that removes fluoride completely.

As fluoride can be extremely difficult to disappear from water, a lot of DIY methods used to eliminate fluoride fail. Methods like just boiling water or making use of holy basil leaves etc do not make the fluoride amounts in the water you want to consume disappear.

Making sure of choosing the right type of filter for purifying your water is a must since a lot of filters can easily cause any leakages or breakages making you risk your health and also your money. Hence, it is important to learn the features and abilities of your filter well before deciding to invest in it.

How to get fluoride out of water? 

All over the world, mostly all homes make sure to include a step of reverse osmosis in their household drinking water purification systems, to make water consumption worthy of drinking as well as cooking. 

To receive fluoride-free water, purification methods like reverse osmosis, distillation, anion exchangers, bone char carbon filters, activated alumina adsorption, PUR Filters, or other filter materials are considered to be useful. Among them, reverse osmosis works the best and easiest. 

The method of reverse osmosis uses a partially permeable membrane to eliminate ions, unwanted molecules, and larger pollutants from drinking water.

It is not simply known to be one of the best ways to make water fluoride-free. The tap water running in your homes usually contains 0.6 ppm to 0.10 ppm of fluoride in it. Reverse osmosis filters remove these levels of fluoride from the water, making it 0.0 ppm. 

APEC Reverse Osmosis Filter System
APEC Reverse Osmosis Filter System
  • Recommended for 1-10 people
  • Installation is required
Big Berkey Gravity-Fed Filter
Big Berkey Gravity-Fed Filter
  • Recommended for 1-10 people depending on filter
  • Installation not required
ZeroWater Water Filter Pitcher
ZeroWater Water Filter Pitcher
  • Recommended for 1 person
  • Affodable

In reverse osmosis, the water is purified by applying pressure, overcoming osmotic pressure which moves water through a membrane. As soon as this happens, the membrane holds tight to different types of molecules and ions, including the chemical called fluoride present in the water. 

That’s how you receive pure, fresh, clean, and most significantly fluoride-free water on the other side of the membrane. 

Make sure you use fluoride-free toothpaste

fluoride free toothpaste

Toothpaste is a very powerful source of fluoride since it contains almost 1000 to 1500 ppm of fluoride in it. So what you think is a really tiny amount of fluoride that you use every morning is also a big source of fluoride which is very much dangerous for health.

Now since a lot of children or almost all children in their younger age tend to swallow some specific amounts of toothpaste and that can be harmful to them. They have to be taken care of and fluoride toothpaste should not be used for them at any cost since high amounts of fluoride in the bodies of children affect their brain development, lessening their IQ levels.

  • Schmidt’s Fluoride-Free Toothpaste – Schmidt’s fluoride-free toothpaste and Burt’s bees fluoride-free toothpaste are two of the well-known toothpaste and that’s why they’ve been liked so much.
  • Burt’s Bees Fluoride-Free Toothpaste – Burt’s bees toothpaste is cheaper than Schmidt’s.
  • Rain’s fluoride-free toothpaste – This is the best toothpaste for babies and children since they end up swallowing some of it. Rain’s fluoride-free toothpaste helps in making dental growth for children safe.
Schmidt’s Fluoride-Free Toothpaste
Schmidt’s Fluoride-Free Toothpaste
  • Activated charcoal and Fluoride Free Toothpaste
Burt’s Bees Fluoride-Free Toothpaste
Burt’s Bees Fluoride-Free Toothpaste
  • These are cheaper than Schmidt’s
Rain’s Fluoride-Free Toothpaste
Rain’s Fluoride-Free Toothpaste
  • Safe for babies and children

Consume fluoride-free tea and coffee

fluoride free tea and coffee

There are so many different varieties of tea and probably most of the crowd is aware of the fact that tea contains most amounts of fluoride which is again a source of exposure to really large amounts of fluoride. Since a lot of people all around the world consume tea daily, some of them just have to start and end their days with tea. It is one of the most gigantic sources of intaking fluoride.

The World Health Organization recommends drinking water to be between 0.5 to 1.0 ppm of fluoride only to avoid any form of dental or skeletal fluorosis.

But quite some teas consist of two, three, and even six times what’s found in tap water across North America.

Whereas, when it comes to coffee, it’s much more different than any other sources of fluoride.

Since, fluoride levels in coffee are not high, when compared to tea or the tap water in America.

But, since some studies have shown that plasma fluoride concentrations are much greater by up to 100% when fluoride is ingested with caffeine while the results shown about the intake of fluoride alongside water are lesser.

In short, low or just simply lower levels of fluoride may have a quite stronger effect.

Make sure to stop using Teflon coated cookware

fluoride detox - teflon coated cookware

Possibly in almost every kitchen of every household, you will find one of these Teflon made utensils. The main problem here is that non-stick utensils like Teflon contain fluoride in the form of PFC’s (Per-fluorinated compounds) which have been shown to have big amounts of adverse effects during cooking.

Here are some quick facts about PFC’s:

  • Man-made chemicals that did not exist before industrial civilization
  • They are used to make many households and also industrial products in a good demand
  •  Accumulates in the environment and the human body
  • It is nearly found in the blood of every single  American.
  • Shows huge signs of cancer weaken the immune system.
  • Does not break down

The saddest of all is the effect it has on the women bearing children within them. Quite some studies done in the past have proven that women who had higher amounts of PFC’s in their bodies had a much more tough time while giving birth.

So the next time you begin to cook, what cookware will you first avoid? Make sure you avoid the use of Teflon and also any other non-stick pans with the same properties of Teflon and use stainless steel pans.

Try to avoid any tablets or forms of medication containing fluoride

medication containing fluoride

You will be absolutely astonished to the core to know the amount of medicines that consist of fluoride in them. Antacids, steroids, anesthetics, antidepressants, anti-anxiety, antifungals, cholesterol-lowering medications, chemotherapy, arthritis medications, anti-malarial, antibiotics, and psychotropics too. 

Now definitely no one can stop with these medications because they have their side effects since they contain fluoride in them as well as they also have their own benefits for the particular diseases. Hence, you should be aware of your medicines contain fluoride, and if yes then more information about the amounts of fluoride in the medications you have to consume on a daily basis. 

You can easily get to know about the drugs that contain fluoride in them below. It’s as simple as if these drugs cause harm to you, you don’t need them.

  • Prozac
  • Xanax
  • Lipitor
  • Flecainide
  • Paxil
  • Celebrex

Can fluoride get absorbed in your body while bathing?

To be really honest, no one knows till date if anything as such can possibly happen or not. But all that can be said is that if you want to stay on the safer side then it is best to install an overall water filter system for the entire house and not just for drinking water.

Section two: Removal of fluoride present in your body at the moment.

The steps mentioned earlier to ways of fluoride detox were all really simple and also one of the most important steps ensuring good health and full safety from fluoride, so if you’ve already got past those steps the ones coming ahead are just here to confirm your safety from the bad effects of fluoride. 

On the other hand, if you want to go all-out making sure of your good health then section two is going to help you do exactly just that without any much effort, just basic doings to make sure of complete riddance of fluoride.

Fluoride detox diet

fluoride free diet

The good news for you is that after you have followed the steps from the first section you don’t have to worry much about consuming fluoride since most of the food you consume is already going to be fluoride-free. For instance, your tea, coffee, water, etc are all going to be fluoride-free so you don’t have much to stress about now.

Now the only thing you have to do is look out for foods that contain high amounts of fluoride in them because those foods can harm your body to the maximum.

To make sure that you are consuming a fluoride-free based detox diet you should see to that you consume these respective foods on a daily basis.

  • Foods that are high in antioxidants like seafood, pomegranate, eggplant, onions, garlic, leeks, milk, nuts, bone broth too.
  • Spices like tamarind, cayenne, cumin, turmeric, etc.
  • Leafy vegetables and even herbs
  • Make sure you eat a lot of organic or like whole foods since this will not only keep away fluoride but also any amounts of pesticides, food preservatives, or additives, or even insecticides in that case.

Making sure of following these basic steps you will see the difference between before and after quickly without putting in way too much effort. And in the end, who wouldn’t want their health to be in the fittest condition? NOBODY!!!!



The benefits of exercise are never-ending. Now it is up to you in which form of exercise you want to do this. Yoga, running or even free-weight training anything works unless and until you take these steps seriously and they have an effect on your body. 

Whatever you choose to do should make you feel comfortable and also allows you to be consistent. The main goal here is to stay fit and absolutely active.

Accessories for a Fluoride Detox

If you’ve done everything according to the steps mentioned earlier you literally do not have a lot to worry about since most of it has already been covered up ensuring your good health. Nevertheless, you should invest and consume these supplements only if you think you are not getting enough through your fluoride detox diet. 

This section is to tell you about the products you need to buy and that will eventually help you in good amounts and not give you information about the various supplements out there that can help you keep a good fluoride-free diet.

The main three accessories are Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Calcium. You can either choose any of these to consume and make sure you get the other two through your diet or anything else would work too.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is definitely one of the most reactive substances to get rid of any type of damage caused by fluoride in any possible way. It is known as one of the most important amino acids of collagen. Vitamin C has a lot of benefits keeping in mind how significant the properties are of vitamin C on the human body. 

Foods that contain good levels of Vitamin C are citrus fruits, tomatoes, tomato juice, potatoes are huge contributors to any American diet. More of such foods are kiwifruits, red and green peppers, broccoli, strawberries, and Brussel sprouts too.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D

Like almost every single one of you is aware of the fact that sunlight is the maximum source of vitamin D. But besides that, there are way too many other sources of vitamin D like foods.

But it gets too tough to get sunlight in countries that don’t have much sunlight throughout the year. 

Foods that contain vitamin D are salmon, cod liver oil, canned tuna, egg yolks, fortified foods, mushrooms, herring.



Calcium is known to be one of the best substances to fight off fluoride easily. People who happen to accidentally consume huge amounts of fluoride are often asked to drink big glasses of milk. 

Now if you have happened to choose the reverse osmosis fluoride removal filter from the earlier information you are lucky because you will be consuming calcium-rich water that will give you the good amounts of calcium you need in particular. 

Foods high in calcium are milk, leafy vegetables, sardines, pilchards, cheese, yogurt, almonds, seeds, spinach, etc.

Making sure to consume these particular foods will ensure your body really good quantities of fluoride-free diet as well as the specific amount of calcium that is really essential for your body making sure to keep your health in the best condition.

Advantages of a Fluoride Detox

Bypassing through all these steps and procedures to complete this fluoride detox, you have escaped quite easily from all the possible bad health effects of fluoride. Fluoride can be really harmful when it comes to thinking about the disadvantages it has. Its disadvantages are a lot more than its advantages. In fact, it has just this one particular and also major advantage and that is protecting teeth from cavities. And that one major advantage also takes place when you consume really low amounts of fluoride and not otherwise.

In short, worrying about any of the damages that fluoride could do to you is something that does not make sense to think of now since you have already done most of it to live a fluoride-free life.

However, the benefits mentioned earlier are not the only ones there are a lot more. You will know about a few of them soon. 

  • Healthy babies – Eliminating fluoride from the body is one of the best decisions to take, giving an opportunity to the baby to be born with good health instead of being brought to the hospital several times again and again due to the mother possessing some amounts of fluoride in her body while giving birth.

    Like mentioned earlier, fluoride has some really bad health effects on a child and also the mother giving birth. A child’s brain development can be harmed only due to the presence of fluoride. The baby and fluoride meet due to the placenta not being able to block the toxins in the surrounding areas of the body. And so the baby is exposed directly to fluoride.

    Neurobehavioral Defects:  this leads to autism, cognitive impairments, and other ADHD problems too

    Reduced Intelligence: lowered IQ

    Hippocampus Damage: the inability to learn and remember.
healthy baby
  • Protection from dementia and Alzheimer’s – I don’t think anyone having a great life would want to see their lives get ruined by any health issues in the possible future. In short, nobody would want to go through any sort of difficulties in their good health times.

    Now, fluoride is known to have many damages but one of them is high amounts of fluoride consumption leading to Alzheimer’s once you start aging. Fluoride is a bad substance already but this particular substance allows another substance like aluminum to enter the body which worsens everything up. 
  • Better mood and energy – Who does not feel good when they are extremely healthy and have nothing to worry about? Everything seems to be so optimistic.

By removing fluoride completely from your body you also optimize the particular activity of the pineal gland. The pineal gland is a small, pea-shaped gland in the brain that receives information and is also held responsible for the production of melatonin in the body.

Pineal gland detoxifier- the pineal gland has to be cleaned that is detoxified every day by flossing and brushing the teeth daily but strictly at least twice a day, without fail. And do remember to avoid using a toothpaste that contains any amounts of fluoride in it,  by any chance. 

Like mentioned earlier in the fluoride detox diet eating a lot of organic and fresh foods especially foods that are unprocessed would make a big difference in cleaning up the pineal gland forever. 

Melatonin is a hormone that the brain releases while responding to darkness. When there is less melatonin produced and released in the body the following effects start to take place : 

  1. Poor sleep
  2. Depression
  3. Anxiety

In the end, these three points tell you how much of a good effect removal of fluoride completely that detoxing fluoride from your body can have on your health in all the possible good ways only.

How long does fluoride detox take?

It actually depends from person to person. Since every individual is different and every individual’s body functions differently the way everyone’s bodies react to certain things also does differ and that makes this thought so unpredictable.

If you go to look at this theoretically, it mainly depends on the amount of fluoride collected in your body at present and also right from the past to date. To actually get to know how long the fluoride detox would take for you, you’d have to measure the amounts of fluoride in your urine.

How long does Fluoride stay in the body? 

Unknown amount of fluoride gets into the water human beings want to consume daily and all studies show that it is all harmful to the human system. Hence, the elimination of fluoride from the body completely is a must. 

Every day the kidneys excrete up to 50% – 60% of the fluoride taken in. The rest of it, that is the remainders, just accumulate in the body. And the remains of fluoride in the body is the most dangerous thing to exist. 

So even if the remainder of fluoride can be present therein really tiny amounts but it still can lead to major health issues like skeletal fluorosis, dental fluorosis, arthritis, it can also have an effect on the pineal gland like mentioned earlier since fluoride is present there too. 

Fluoride is certainly of absolutely no benefit. When consuming any sort of tea, coffee or even water one should be thinking twice before purchasing the right brand. 

It is important to take a look at the details of every product you buy, to know what they contain, and whether what they contain is healthy for you or not.

Hence, how long fluoride stays in the body is again dependent on person to person since the amount of fluoride already accumulated in the body is not the same for every single person out there. Some may be exposed to fluoride a lot more than the others making their lives even more dangerous. 

How to reverse calcification of the pineal gland?

calcification of pineal gland

Today, a calcified pineal gland is not considered a medical issue at all by any of the doctors. And that is why there are no treatments for having a calcified pineal gland right now even though the term exists. In short, there are no medical treatments to have reduced the amounts of calcium present in the pineal gland.

But in some cases maybe the melatonin present in your body and also the pineal gland can have a drastic effect on your sleep so that’s when you can consult a doctor to get more information about it. But there is no cure to it so far.

The pineal gland is known to have the largest calcification rate in any of the tissues in the whole body of a human being. Doctors have not managed to show any proof about the medical effects of having a calcified pineal gland yet.

Even though a lot of people do reduce or just completely stop consuming fluoride or any form of calcium intake since they think it will reduce the calcification of the pineal gland there are no such facts passed by any researchers or even any doctors yet.

The origin of fluoride water

The place where fluoride in water was found was in a small village in the mountains of Colorado. The children born in that village had really ugly-looking, brown teeth stains. 

After lots of years of investigations by scientists as well as dentists in the year 1910, it was told that the reason behind the stains was due to the extremely high amounts of fluoride present in their drinking water. 

Eventually, experts managed to reduce the level of fluoride in the water to stop the teeth staining in future generations.


As you have witnessed, fluoride detox just has loads of advantages and it is one of the best things to follow if you want to stay safe and sound. Fluoride detoxing can be easily done at home, all you have to do is follow the steps mentioned above and complete the whole procedure. Once you’ve completed it, just wait to see the good effects on your health and body.

Jhon Lawrence