• Ajax and Pickering shorelines are slowly deteriorating from excessive algae growth.
  • Every day, an average of 340 million litres of treated sewage is released into Lake Ontario – just 1 km from the Ajax and Pickering shorelines – from the Duffin Creek WPCP for dilution.
  • Algae growth is caused by phosphorus in the treated sewage.
  • The amount of phosphorus dumped currently EACH DAY is equivalent to the amount of phosphorus in 2,000 bags of fertilizer.
  • The Duffin Creek WPCP is the second largest sewage plant in Ontario, with 80% of the sewage coming from York Region.
  • York and Durham plan to increase the discharge to 630 million liters every day to accommodate 400,000 new York residents – or 150,000 housing units – by 2031.
  • The Regions are considering a low-cost, minor adjustment to the existing outfall pipe to accommodate the increase.
  • York is considering technology in a new plant on Lake Simcoe that would reduce phosphorus levels by 97.5% more than targeted at the Duffin Plant. Why can’t we have the same technology for Lake Ontario?