York Regions unequal sewage treatment, comparing Lake Simcoe and Lake Ontario

Dave Strain – analystsofpneumatic@bellnet.ca

The immediate issue comes down to the apparent lack of environmental respect that York Region and Durham Region are demonstrating, regarding Lake Ontario; as well as the families of Pickering and Ajax.

In the big picture, it is a disgrace that any government would deliberately pollute fresh water, when alternatives for cleaner operations are available.

Based on information I’ve obtained following this issue, a system serving only York Region, with treated sewage discharging into Lake Simcoe, at a concentration of .015 gm/L of phosphorus, is being developed simultaneously with the “plant upgrades” for the treated sewage (80% from York Region and 20% from Durham Region) discharging into Lake Ontario.  The phosphorus content into Lake Ontario, is between .5mg/L and .8mg/L, depending on which “official” information you believe. This puts the intended phosphorus pollution into Lake Ontario 3,333% (at .5mg/L) or 5,333% (at .8mg/L) times the concentration of York Region’s phosphorus discharge into Lake Simcoe.

As civilized Canadian society, any body of people placing their sewage into the living space of others should have the moral fiber to mitigate all negative impacts to the best possible level, both physical and emotional.

The current Ontario Ministry of Environment standards are based on last millennium technology: far superior technology currently exists. It seems that York Region and Durham Region are taking the position that they will pollute Lake Ontario to the maximum amount allowable by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment’s standards, which is old technology. That is not good enough: better technology exists. Future generations deserve more.

Clearly, technology is available to respect Lake Ontario and Ajax/Pickering families to the degree which York Region is demonstrating for Lake Simcoe. You can help the volunteers of PACT-POW in their efforts, demanding equal respect for Lake Ontario as Lake Simcoe. Please go to the AJAX WEB site and sign the petition regarding this issue. Email your thoughts to your MPP’s office, the office of Jim Bradley, MPP, (Minister of the Environment), York Region Council, Durham Council and Roger Anderson (Chairman of Durham Region). Please share with as many friends and neighbours as possible.