Why are Durham Residents paying $1,000 more than York Residents?

Paul Kuebler – paulkuebler@rogers.com

In 2010, THE STAR newspaper published what each municipality was paying in property taxes each year. Average tax bill in Durham was $1,000 more than the average tax bill in York.
In 2011, I asked at a Durham Regional Council meeting, why this was the case. NO RESPONSE. No one on Council had an answer. Granted that is a tough question. York has a greater tax base to draw from. But Durham has serviced other municipalities for years…

Services such as, Metro Toronto for waste disposal, many areas for power needs from TWO Nuclear Plants and of course sewage processing. So, doesn’t Durham get paid for these great services?? Doesn’t sound like it!!

So, with municipal elections coming in 2014, start asking your Regional Council representatives, why you are paying $1,000 more than your York counterparts.