All Ajax Property Owners are suffering Financial Damage, likely by Canada’s second largest sewage plant!

Mark Matsumoto –

Having excellent public facilities increases home prices.

Ajax’s large and enjoyable waterfront is being ruined because it stinks! House prices are relative, so if the price in the next neighbourhood drops, it affects yours as well. I no longer want to live in South Ajax because it stinks. There is a drop in demand for housing in South Ajax. This will cause financial damage to every property owner in Ajax.

The stink is caused by rotting algae being washed up on the beaches. Canada’s second largest sewage plant just next door which is dumping 340 million litres of  partially treated sewage per day says that the huge amount of chemical fertilizer they are constantly dumping is not the cause. It is the creeks!

They have the resources to find scientists to who will try to disprove logic.  The tobacco industry had scientists telling people that smoking was not bad for them and did not cause cancer.

Ontario’s Ministry of the Environment has yet to update the provincial standards to match 2012 Canadian and US Federal Standards for Plants Dumping more than a million gallons of sewage per day into Lake Ontario. (The York Durham Water Pollution Control plant is dumping about 89 million gallons per day)

Minister Jim Bradley has to update the standards before the super huge sewage plant can justify building the facilities to properly clean the sewage.  Jim Bradley’s delay is causing financial damage to all homeowners in the Durham Region.

Please contact Jim Bradley and ask him to update Ontario’s 1994 standards to bring them up to 2012 standards.  It will make you wealthier.