Ontario Ministry of the Environment won’t do their job!

Mark Matsumoto – zoto@idirect.com

Lake Ontario, your kids and grandchildren needs your help.  They need to get the Minster of Environment, Jim Bradley to do his job. Please use all of your own political influence in Ontario to achieve actions.

The issue is that the Regions of York and Durham have quietly built a HUGE sewage treatment plant and they are not cleaning the sewage “properly”. Their actions are supported by Minister Jim Bradley and the Ontario Ministry of the Environment through his failure to update the law. He has failed to update the 20 year old law defining what is are acceptable pollutant levels in the constant flow of treated sewage being dumped into Lake Ontario .

The motivation for the solution will be updating the laws.  This should be simple because in 2012, Canada and the United States updated the agreement on Great Lakes Water Quality.  It clearly defines some acceptable pollutant levels in the sewage. The Federal governments of Canada and the United States negotiated specific, measurable limits and yet Ontario MOE refuses to change its 20 year old pollution limits to support the agreement.

The new standard as set out by the federal governments in 2012 cuts allowable levels of Phosphorus (“P”, atomic element number 15) in half.  Therefore the plant is targeting to miss what should be the current standard by between 20% to 60%.  MOE is letting the sewage plant dump the equivalent phosphorus content of 2,000 bags of fertilizer per day out of their 1,000 metre exhaust pipe. The Ontario MOE is letting us down.  We need help putting pressure on the MOE & the Ontario government to do their jobs!

The solution is to build the same technology which can remove 99% of the phosphorus. It exists and is in use in York Region for the sewage flowing into Lake Simcoe, so meeting the new lower limits is not the issue.

A big pending problem is that the Regions are rushing to complete the sewage plant.  I am speculating that the plant will get “grandfathered” by Ontario MOE and be allowed to operate on current outdated standards if Ontario delays updating the laws until after its completion.

We need Jim Bradley, Ontario Minister of the Environment to do his job.  We need him to update the laws and lower allowable pollutant levels to meet or exceed the new lower nutrient levels as specified in the Agreement between Canada and the United States on Great Lakes Water Quality.